Tips for a Great Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can vastly improve a room. You can use your creativity to add some style to your room. Well, painting your room is quite easy compared to other tasks but you need to have the proper knowledge and necessary materials to perform this work.  

Paint Job

You may want to ask assistance from professionals if you think you are not capable enough to perform the task or you just have a love-hate relationship with painting. Good thing, there are many residential painting services available; you just need to pick the right one that ensures high-quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

Well, if you enjoy painting as much as I do, then these tips on how to paint efficiently and making sure an amazing outcome will greatly help. You will surely enjoy the project as much as the finished product. 

    Start Out Right 

If you get everything at the start you will most likely enjoy the job. You can organize a station wherein you will put all the tools that you will need to accomplish the task. Put together all your paint, brushes, hammers, rollers, plastic bags, screwdrivers, plastic wraps, can opener, rags, and drop cloths. 

    Prepare Ahead of Time 

Never try to accomplish everything in just one day. You can use the day before painting day to patch cracks and holes, gather furniture in the center of the room, put painter’s tape on windows and doors, and cover ceiling fixtures and walls using large plastic bags. 

    Clear the Decks 

Clear out all the accessories and furniture if you can, take everything off the walls. Place the furniture and lamps in the middle of the room and cover them with a good drop cloth if you can’t move out everything. Ensure that you tape the cloth around the furniture then put the second cover of old sheet cover or plastic. 

    Remove All Hardware 

You may seem to think that it is easier to paint around hinges or door knobs but this is only true if you are a professional experienced painter, but if you are not, then prepare for drips around. To prevent this, you can remove all cabinet knobs and hinges, door knobs, light switch plates, light fixtures, and outlet covers.  

The pieces can then be gathered in separate bags and the contents and location must be clearly marked. This will serve as the best time to clean your hardware. 

    Get Ready 

You are still bound to get drips even if how cautious you are so it is advised that you take off jewelry. You can use some old clothes for your painting job. It is also advised to use slip on shoes because they are easy to take off and you won’t have to worry about tracking drops of paint into other rooms.  

    Don’t Paint Over Problem Walls 

Before you start painting, holes and cracks must first be fixed. Large holes and wide cracks can be repaired using fiberglass tape while small holes and cracks can be filled with spackle. Texturing products are also available to match your existing wall finish. After you’ve done your painting job, be sure to clean the area and polish things.